Christian Cruise Latest News July 2014

Welcome to our latest update!

Having recently returned from the British Isles Discovery Cruise in May 2014 many were saying it was one of the most successful Christian Cruises so far. Even the passengers who were not part of the Christian programme of events enjoyed themselves. “I`m not a Christian,” said one such passenger to me. “I don’t go to church, and I’m not part of your faith themed cruise, but I just want to say thank you to all the christians on board for making it one of my most enjoyable cruises ever!”

Many passengers who had not signed up for the Christian part of the cruise took the trouble to write in to the cruise company asking when they were going to do more cruises like that one.

From a spiritual point of view the cruise was also a great success. Very Rev Andrew McLellan and his wife Irene provided us with some touching moments during his talks and Bible Studies and Holy Communion which was attended by so many that it had to be held in the main theatre. This was also the venue for the wonderful concerts and first class entertainment given by Barbara Dickson, the hilarious John Archer and Dads Army`s Frank Williams. Everyone was thrilled as Tim Vine made a surprise star guest appearance when he flew into Dublin and we smuggled him aboard. All the performers were interviewed about their life, career and Christian faith in my `Life Stories` slots and audiences from all backgrounds were inspired.

Pam Rhodes Songs of Praise was once again a usual highlight on the cruise as passengers shared their stories and the ship rocked to the sound of How Great Thou Art!

Please let your family and church friends know about our Christian Cruises UK. We do want to increase the opportunities of working alongside commercial shipping companies whilst offering a Christian Theme which is genuinely inspirational.

I do hope that you can join us soon.

Chris Gidney