About Us

Our advisory team has worked together on a number of Christian Cruises and has become experienced in the field of helping to provide an all-round holiday experience:

Lord George Carey Lord George Carey – Former Archbishop of Canterbury
In 1991 Lord Carey became the 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury – a post he held until his retirement in 2002. In the same year he was made a life peer as Lord Carey of Clifton and today works tirelessly to promote greater understanding between faiths. Lord Carey oversees the spiritual aspect of the on board experience, services and Bible studies.
Chris Gidney Chris Gidney – Director of Christians in Entertainment.
Chris has spent a lifetime on the entertainment profession as a
performer, writer and producer. With 28 commercially published books, Chris now produces theatre shows across the UK, founded Christians in Entertainment as a support network to professionals 30 years ago and created the first Christian Cruise with Captain David in 2010. Chris provides the high quality celebrity-based entertainment on board.
David Warden Owen David Warden Owen – Ships Captain with Cunard, Saga
Captain David Warden Owen attended HMS Conway Naval College and began his cadetship with Shaw Savill Line, going on to work with Cunard. In 1997 his extensive experience and friendly personality made Captain Warden–Owen the natural choice to become Master of Saga Rose, a ship that he believes was a legend of her time. Captain David provides the vital connection between the cruise ship and the Christian themed cruise.
Ernie Rae Ernie Rae – Broadcaster and former Head of Religion BBC
Ernie currently presents Beyond Belief, a weekly series on Radio 4 which discusses the place of faith in today’s complex world, is a regular presenter on Act of Worship and is also a contributor to Radio 2’s Good Morning Sunday. Ernie is one of the most popular lecturers on cruise ships today and oversees the historical elements to the Christian theme and the tours ashore.


Together the team helps to provide all the elements required to create a successful, fulfilling and inspirational cruise.