About Us

Our advisory team has worked together on a number of Christian Cruises and has become experienced in the field of helping to provide an all-round holiday experience.

Chris Gidney is your host for the themed cruises and has spent a lifetime as entertainer, producer and author, working with numerous artistes from the legendary Frank Sinatra to Sir Cliff Richard. Chris joined London’s West-End in 1980 to enjoy twelve consecutive London productions before moving to BBC Television, and has authored 28 commercially published books and six Pantomimes, as well as articles and scripts for the BBC and national press. As a freelance Producer with That’s Entertainment Productions, Chris is responsible for a number of unique stage, television and radio productions and has enjoyed creating and producing over forty themed cruises which have taken him around the world. When back on land, Chris looks forward to producing several stage tours alongside his various Pantomimes and continuing as founder-director of showbiz charity Christians in Entertainment which currently celebrates 40 years of supporting those in the entertainment profession.

“I am thrilled to be presenting and interviewing some talented performers with a faith on more of our spiritually themed cruises with the new UK Cruise company www.AmbassadorCruiseLine.com” says Chris. “I know that we always have a lot of fun enjoying the performances of our celebrity guests as well as hearing all about their careers in the showbiz spotlight and what inspires them personally and their faith. As part of our cruise celebrations there are always extra surprises along the way and with many opportunities to meet as a unique family at our interdenominational services on board as Rev Colin Beevers and Rev Cindy Kent encourage us to celebrate and enjoy our special journeys together. I do hope you can join us on board soon.”

Together the team helps to provide all the elements required to create a successful, fulfilling and inspirational cruise.